IBM FileNet P8 5.2 released this week

It’s been around 18 months since P8 v5.1 was released, back in 2011, but the latest version is now imminent.

As you’d expect for software that has been so long in the pipeline, there are some pretty fundamental changes. The Content Engine and Process Engine are now combined into the same JVM, and badged as the “Content Platform”.  Apparently the two engines will still operate separately and independently, but will co-exist in a single EAR file.

Here is a quick summary of what we can expect:

  • FileNet BPM to be renamed IBM Case Foundation – more details here
  • A unified installation procedure – PE will be deployed using the Config manager.
  • Content Navigator will be included
  • The browser-based Admin tool ACCE will be expanded to replace FEM and PTM
  • Component Manager will now run in J2EE server
  • Case Analytics is also moved to the J2EE server
  • New Social Content Management functionality (API?) will be introduced
  • BPF and ECM Widgets to be withdrawn
  • Removal of legacy CSE Search
  • Bulk move of content from CFS to P8
  • Object stores and Process Engine regions can share the same DB (as with ICM)

For more detail, take a look at these announcement articles:

The P8 Infocenter is also now available.

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7 Responses to IBM FileNet P8 5.2 released this week

  1. Jose says:

    Thank you very much Ian for this preview.
    I discovered your site the last July with Filenet certifications issue.
    Since then, I use to get back.

    Best regards,

  2. James says:

    Great summary Ian.
    I also understand that FileNet 5.2 may be a requirement for the upcoming IBM Connections 4.5 release due at end of month around the same time as Notes 9 social edition.
    It will be interesting to see which products in the IBM ECM suite will support 5.2 in coming months.


  3. Sun says:

    Any more information about “Bulk move of content from CFS to P8” ?

  4. TSO says:

    Hi Ian,

    copy Sun, any more details on “Bulk move of content from CFS to P8′

  5. ianw says:


    I must confess I know nothing about IBM Connections. Looking forward to learning about this.


  6. ianw says:

    Regarding Bulk move of content. Here is the release announcement:

    A new storage area management capability enables moving managed documents from one storage area to another. This includes moving content files between filestores, database stores, and supported protected storage devices. It also allows the migration of content files from Content Federation Services storage repositories to FileNet P8 native storage as the last phase of repository consolidation.

    For more details, click here

  7. Heather says:

    I actually believe this specific blog , “IBM FileNet
    P8 5.2 release | Ian Wilson”, incredibly entertaining not to mention the post was a great read.
    Thanks for your effort,Millard

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