IBM Case Manager 5.1.1 imminent

The next major release of ICM is due to be released in September. Here’s a bit of sneak preview information I’ve been able to gleen about what we can expect to see functionality-wise:

Installation: Sadly, CMPIT is not provided. Whether this returns in subsequent releases is not clear. SUSE Linux is now supported.

IBM Content Navigator: As expected, ICM dependency on WorkplaceXT is now (almost) removed. ICN is now used for viewing documents, through the ICM Viewer widget.  Images can appear in tabs / split-screen / popup window.

Case Builder: Multiple Role Inbaskets can now be defined. Process Designer can now be opened directly from the Manage Solutions page. There are performance improvements on opening a solution. Multiple roles can now share the same PE Queue.

Case Client: New Content List widget – supports properties, versioning, download, stored searches. Case List / Document List widget now has multi-select action. All XT Dialogs are now replaced with new ICM style dialogs, e.g. Add Document, Properties can now be edited during check-in, and System properties displayed. Add Document using Drag-and-drop into Document tab, or Attachment widget (Firefox only). New widget – Process History (milestone-related).

Localisation: Various improvements to localisation, and extra multi-lingual support.

API: Case Java API now published and documented Рacmapi.jar.  Corresponds to the Case REST API. This will also be available in CI Component queue РCase_Operations.

Plus….. ¬†Enhanced Work Assignment and Task capabilities.

Really, there are too many enhancements to list, so if you have specific questions, please email me directly through the Contact page.

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