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Here’s an article I wrote for Integritie, that has been published on the Integritie blog this week:
Top 10 Reasons for moving to the cloud

2014 is the year when Cloud Computing really took off, and anyone who knows me will be aware that FileNet in the Cloud has been a pet subject of mine for the past 7 years. Despite the fact that SaaS has been a major emerging trend over the past decade, it’s been surprisingly difficult to convince a lot of people of the virtue of this technology in the ECM industry.

AIIM has also published a presentation discussing the merits of ECM Cloud technology. Well worth perusing.

To me it’s a no-brainer – there are so many barriers to adopting ECM that it just naturally seems a better way to run a business. Hopefully this piece will contain at least one or two persuasive arguments. I’d appreciate people’s feedback on ECM Cloud technology – please comment below, especially if you have any counter arguments.

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  2. In interests of fairness and balance, it might make sense to publish a list of the ten reasons not to use SaaS. I’m not trying to be Negative Nelly here. But it’s important to see the pros and cons of an option before making a decision. Here’s a few thoughts off the top of my head, Subscription cost (you never own it, so it’s like lease vs buy decision on a car), cost to exit the platform, risk of failure by the SaaS provider, risk that the SaaS provider will stop innovating and/or never release the feature(s) that you discover you need after you buy in, etc.

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