FileNet in the Cloud

Here’s an article I wrote for Integritie, that has been published on the Integritie blog this week:
Top 10 Reasons for moving to the cloud

2014 is the year when Cloud Computing really took off, and anyone who knows me will be aware that FileNet in the Cloud has been a pet subject of mine for the past 7 years. Despite the fact that SaaS has been a major emerging trend over the past decade, it’s been surprisingly difficult to convince a lot of people of the virtue of this technology in the ECM industry.

AIIM has also published a presentation discussing the merits of ECM Cloud technology. Well worth perusing.

To me it’s a no-brainer – there are so many barriers to adopting ECM that it just naturally seems a better way to run a business. Hopefully this piece will contain at least one or two persuasive arguments. I’d appreciate people’s feedback on ECM Cloud technology – please comment below, especially if you have any counter arguments.

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New ICN Certification

Just a heads-up about a new ECM Certification from IBM: IBM Certified Solution Designer – Content Navigator.

Although targeted to ECM professionals with good knowledge of Content Navigator, knowledge is also assumed in: IBM ECM Products, JEE Application servers, Databases, CMIS, Mobile platforms.

2 courses – F1200 & F2059 – are available that contain appropriate course materials. Test C2070-983 must be passed with a mark of at least 66% to gain the certification.

Check out the main page for details of all ECM Certifications.

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IBM Content Navigator: Redbook

And, yet another Redbook released a few days ago – Customizing and Extending IBM Content Navigator.

This is a Draft publication though, so will be updated next month.

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IBM Case Manager: Redbook

A new IBM Redbook has been released, see: ICM Redbook.

This has been updated to take account of changes introduced in ICM 5.2, which was released recently.

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IBM Content Foundation: P8 Lite

This week, IBM have announced the release of a new offering that’s based on FileNet P8: IBM Content Foundation.  Having read through the announcement and feature list, I was initially puzzled as to exactly how it is different to P8.  All that IBM say in the announcement is:

Based on the world-class, industrial strength, and proven technology of IBM FileNet® P8, but in a more affordable, more accessible, more consumable package, IBM Content Foundation offers the power of FileNet P8 made nimble, affordable, and more consumable.

However, Content Foundation does have its own InfoCenter, and reading through this (essential bedtime reading) I eventually stumbled across a statement describing the P8 products and tools that are excluded.

To summarise, Workplace/WPXT, eForms, RE, CA, IER & FEM are all missing, which I guess is to be expected for a “P8 Lite”.  One omission that does puzzle me though is that of Process Designer.  Without this, there’s no means of creating an intricate Process Map.  Even ICM Designers occasionally need to drill down into PD.

The Content Platform Engine (aka Content Engine + Process Engine) does form part of the Content Foundation.  So, without having installed or seen this new offering, I’m left wondering how we build workflow applications in this product?

Would somebody care to enlighten me?

See here

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IBM FileNet P8 5.2 released this week

It’s been around 18 months since P8 v5.1 was released, back in 2011, but the latest version is now imminent.

As you’d expect for software that has been so long in the pipeline, there are some pretty fundamental changes. The Content Engine and Process Engine are now combined into the same JVM, and badged as the “Content Platform”.  Apparently the two engines will still operate separately and independently, but will co-exist in a single EAR file.

Here is a quick summary of what we can expect:

  • FileNet BPM to be renamed IBM Case Foundation – more details here
  • A unified installation procedure – PE will be deployed using the Config manager.
  • Content Navigator will be included
  • The browser-based Admin tool ACCE will be expanded to replace FEM and PTM
  • Component Manager will now run in J2EE server
  • Case Analytics is also moved to the J2EE server
  • New Social Content Management functionality (API?) will be introduced
  • BPF and ECM Widgets to be withdrawn
  • Removal of legacy CSE Search
  • Bulk move of content from CFS to P8
  • Object stores and Process Engine regions can share the same DB (as with ICM)

For more detail, take a look at these announcement articles:

The P8 Infocenter is also now available.

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IBM Content Navigator v2.0.1 released

The latest version of IBM Content Navigator was released yesterday.

A quick summary of what’s new:

  • Filtering of search results
  • Multiple documents can be added to repository (drag-and-drop).
  • Properties for a list of documents can be exported to CSV.
  • Properties for multiple selected documents can be modified in the viewer in one go.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office.

A few useful links about ICN v2.0.1:

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More FileNet Certifications

IBM have been busy establishing the new line of ECM Certifications. Three more exams have been released recently:

Anyone currently following the FileNet certification path should also be aware that IBM have announced the retirement of various tracks.

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IBM Content Navigator: Redbook

IBM have released a new RedBook for ICN.  Not only is this in PDF format, but you can now download it in EPUB format. It’s just a pity that Amazon Kindle doesn’t support this.

As you’d expect, the RedBook serves as a good introduction to ICN, but also has some great information on how to create plugins and extensions, and how to package Dijits (i.e. DoJo widgets) into iWidgets, for use in Business Space and Case Manager.

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Released: IBM Case Manager 5.1.1

ICM v5.1.1 got released today. To download from Passport Advantage, the package numbers are below:


Windows: CI9VDML


Solaris: CI9VEML.

The new ICM Infocenter is also now available.

Also, quite a useful article here that goes through ICM development for CMIS.

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