IBM Content Foundation: P8 Lite

This week, IBM have announced the release of a new offering that’s based on FileNet P8: IBM Content Foundation.  Having read through the announcement and feature list, I was initially puzzled as to exactly how it is different to P8.  All that IBM say in the announcement is:

Based on the world-class, industrial strength, and proven technology of IBM FileNet® P8, but in a more affordable, more accessible, more consumable package, IBM Content Foundation offers the power of FileNet P8 made nimble, affordable, and more consumable.

However, Content Foundation does have its own InfoCenter, and reading through this (essential bedtime reading) I eventually stumbled across a statement describing the P8 products and tools that are excluded.

To summarise, Workplace/WPXT, eForms, RE, CA, IER & FEM are all missing, which I guess is to be expected for a “P8 Lite”.  One omission that does puzzle me though is that of Process Designer.  Without this, there’s no means of creating an intricate Process Map.  Even ICM Designers occasionally need to drill down into PD.

The Content Platform Engine (aka Content Engine + Process Engine) does form part of the Content Foundation.  So, without having installed or seen this new offering, I’m left wondering how we build workflow applications in this product?

Would somebody care to enlighten me?

See here

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3 Responses to IBM Content Foundation: P8 Lite

  1. Kishore says:

    It seems exclusion of PD is a documentation error, because in another location there is a mention of process designer need

    You can use Microsoft Visio to create diagrams of business processes, and then import these Visio documents into Process Designer as a starting point for creating workflow processes

  2. Mark says:

    My understanding is if you want to utilise process you would need a Case Foundation license which brings with it XT and access to PD. You would not be able to change the existing review and approval workflow as this would contravene the licensing terms and conditions.

  3. Sun says:

    You need to install Case Foundation and ICN.

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