IBM FileNet certifications: Update

Over the past 12 months, IBM have been consolidating FileNet certifications, and moving them into a single IBM ECM Certification programme.

Although this transformation will soon render past certification achievements obsolete for a lot of us, and introduce extra expense for business partners, in my view this change can only enhance the credibility and prestige of FileNet certifications. The association with Prometric will now guarantee that tests are passed under strict and proper exam conditions.

It is is a work-in-progress – there are still a few gaps in the programme – but here is a list of those available currently:

Within the programme, certifications are grouped into three categories: Entry-level / Intermediate / Advanced. The six above all appear to be intermediate level.

Exams also appear to be slightly more challenging within this programme – in general more training courses are stipulated, along with recommended reading of product documentation, red books, and PDF publications. However, objectives are usefully stated in the curriculum format, making it clear what the expectation level is. At the time of writing, each exam costs $200.

Candidates are provided with a member site that lists current certifications, and provides certificates.

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