IBM Content Navigator v2.0.1 released

The latest version of IBM Content Navigator was released yesterday.

A quick summary of what’s new:

  • Filtering of search results
  • Multiple documents can be added to repository (drag-and-drop).
  • Properties for a list of documents can be exported to CSV.
  • Properties for multiple selected documents can be modified in the viewer in one go.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office.

A few useful links about ICN v2.0.1:

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2 Responses to IBM Content Navigator v2.0.1 released

  1. Steve says:

    Are there any plans to support ICN on JBOSS?

  2. ianw says:


    The best person to ask is the ICN Product Manager at IBM, Ian Story.

    It’s not good etiquette to publish email addresses on a website, however you can email Ian using the address: firstname.lastname, followed by (Obviously, replace firstname.lastname with the actual details).


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