Upcoming FileNet releases

A little bit of speculation about what we can expect to see in FileNet P8 this year.

Pretty soon we should see the release of IBM Nexus. This is a completely new User Interface, which will replace Workplace and Workplace XT. It will also be used by CM8 and CMOD. With Workplace, the availability of source code made it straight forward to customise the UI, whereas Workplace XT has a much more pleasant experience for end-users. Like IBM Case Manager, Nexus is built using the Dojo JavaScript framework, and provides a powerful plug-in architecture. This means new functionality can be bolted on without impacting the core application, and we should be seeing some examples of this straight away through an External Data Services plug-in, and ICA integration. Mobile devices will also be supported, such as iPhone / iPad.

Towards the end of 2012 we should see a new release of FileNet BPM, with the long-awaited J2EE edition of the Process Engine. This will not only improve BPM’s scalability and HA potential; it should also consolidate the installation process. Expect the configuration manager to include extra deployment tasks to deliver a one-stop shop for both CE & PE. Who knows… maybe Nexus too?

We should also expect to see IBM Case Manager removing its dependancy on WorkplaceXT.

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