IBM Case Manager 5.1 on the horizon

ICM 5.1 was announced to little fanfare a short while ago, but up until IOD 2011 there wasn’t an awful lot of detail about the slated new features.

The slides below discuss some of the new functionality in ICM 5,1, which is due to be released 25th November:

I’m looking forward to seeing the new Data Integration Framework. This sounds suspiciously like the introduction of techniques that are already available in FileNet BPM/BPF/eForms, but we shall see soon. This will also start supporting another IBM BPM product – WPS.

IBM Content Manager is now integrated into ICM 5.1, (without the need  to use CFS) which I’m anticipating will open up new opportunities for a lot of business partners.

FileNet eForms, and IBM Forms have also made an entrance, and not just in terms of attached content. It will also be possible to create more unique and more pleasant user interfaces within the Case or Task data widgets. Even without eForms, the Case Client has been enhanced by way of theming. Widgets also expose additional wiring events, providing better customisation.

Predictably, we switch back to IBM Business Space as a mashup environment for 5.1. No doubt we’ll be back to Lotus Mashup Center in 5.2.  Fortunately this does mean we’ll be able to install ICM into an existing WAS environment.

Finally, ICM will now support a wider range of platforms, MS SQL, and other LDAP directories.

Some information here about ICM download, and the CMPIT part numbers.

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