Using Eclipse in FileNet P8 Development

I’ve recently been asked for advice on writing a FileNet application using the Content Java API. To be honest, I’d be surprised if there aren’t already a plethora of tutorials on this subject, and it’s not exactly rocket science.

I must confess that for some years I used the “classic” Java Development environment – Windows Notepad, DOS batch files, and the command console!  No excuse really. I have a background in Windows development, using VB6 and Visual, so I didn’t need anyone to persuade me as to the productivity boosts in using a professional IDE.

However a few years ago I finally bit the bullet, and decided to use Eclipse.  I wrote a few notes on this, and so have uploaded these – take a look here: Using Eclipse in FileNet P8 Development.

The official online help also gives enough information to get started: FileNet developer help.

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2 Responses to Using Eclipse in FileNet P8 Development

  1. Bill Carpenter says:

    It was nice of you to prepare those notes on creating a FileNet app using eclipse. Thanks for doing it.

    One minor note … you included listener.jar on the build path. I assume you did that so that it would be available on the runtime classpath along with log4j.jar. However, I don’t think you need listener.jar. (I only mention this because I am constantly on the lookout for ways to simplify client configuration.)

  2. Ian says:

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the heads up on listener.jar – I shall take that out.

    I’ve just seen your article on DeveloperWorks, great stuff.

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