Review: First look at Content Navigator

When IBM Case Manager was first released, it signalled how serious IBM are about the Widgets/DoJo framework, and their determination to address the User experience. Of course, MashUps / BusinessSpace had pioneered in this space, but there were still some doubts as to whether there was any mileage with this technology. Not any more.

Up until now, the FileNet User experience has frequently included compromises. In only a handful of implementations have we felt that we could deploy a solution using out-of-the-box components that completely matched customer expectations. More often than not, there was always a trade-off between functionality versus aesthetics.

Now it seems we have a product that has all the functionality we’re used to, but with the flexibility to allow us to craft it into a multitude of different types of solutions.

For this review, I’m simply showing the default User interface that you will see the first time you open Content Navigator immediately after installation. In a future article I intend discussing the extent to which we can now customise.

Logon, as you would expect involves supplying the credentials of a user defined in the LDAP directory. As with the rest of this application, the Logon screen is completely customisable, allowing for corporate branding to be incorporated. The application title, banner, and logo can be modified, and logon text incorporated.

The text for the Login page footer is stored in the file ecm_en.js, which can be found in: [WAS_APP_SERVER_CELL_NODE]\navigator.ear\navigator.war\ecm\nls

The default desktop that’s initially displayed pays homage to WorkplaceXT; a vertical button menu on the left sidebar allows the User to select views for Browse / Search / Process, but also a Favorites view – WPXT accommodated favorites within a node on the Explorer tree.  The Favorites view is shown below:

All the views include a drop-down “cog” menu, with standard Add Doc / Folder functionality:

The Browse view is familiar to all WPXT users – a Repository/Folder Explorer pane located at the side of a List-view pane, accompanied now by a Content properties panel:

Double-clicking a document opens up a popup Viewer window. The one below is instantly recognisable as the Daeja ViewONE viewer, however there are also other alternative viewers:

A popup menu is also available:

The Search view publishes, and executes all queries that have been pre-configured in the P8 Search Designer tool:

The new Process View now takes a departure away from the Task approach we’ve become used to in Workplace. Instead of exposing all queues configured in a Process Region, a new Role/Inbasket tree model is introduced. This is something we’ve only previously seen with BPF and BusinessSpace:

If you’ve logged in as an Administrative user, you should also see the Admin desktop:

This week also saw the release of an IBM iPad App, bringing IBM ECM to a mobile workforce – the App can be downloaded from here.  Installation and setup of the App again is surprisingly easy. Here are a few sample screenshots:

17 Responses to Review: First look at Content Navigator

  1. Ali Raza says:

    Hi Ian,
    Its good work!!! Thanks
    Have you explore Nexus integration feature with Case Manager?

  2. Chinthala says:

    Hi Ian,
    Its a great job.

  3. Rob Brauer says:

    Great work there mate …. 🙂

  4. Explorer says:

    Great Job!

  5. ianw says:


    Not so far, I have ICM, but my ICN installation is on a different environment. ICM 5.1 is still dependent upon WorkplaceXT for some operations. I would imagine the next version of ICM will switch to using ICN.

    Both ICN & ICM can make use of work items in the Process Engine, so maybe that’s one integration area.

    Also, it would be interesting to find out if widgets can be shared between ICN and ICM. I suspect not – different interfaces (iWidget vs Dijit?).

    Cheers, Ian

  6. Srinivas says:

    Very nice info.
    Good to see this post.

  7. Josh says:

    no eForm support? Is it slated or did they throw it out?

  8. Ian Story says:

    From one Ian to another, very nice job on this ;).

    Regarding the comment about ICN & ICM, yes, for now there are still a few things you need XT for, not just for ICM, but in general. More importantly, you can use ICN Dijits in ICM, you drop them into a Widget and off you go (we have shown this at times)…part of the beauty of Dijits is that they can run in really any modern browser and container, whether that’s a Widget, a Web Part (for SharePoint), a portlet, etc. And, in fact, all of the existing Widgets with ICM are already built out of Dijits 😉

    And yes, to Josh’s comment, eForms is one of those things, but no, we did not throw it out, it is on the list for a future release…only so many things we could get into the very first release of the product. That said, you can still view them if you setup a viewer plugin (pretty easy to do) and you can also use as step processors still.

    For those that will not see my email address, I am a senior product manager at IBM…we actually read these things. You can send me a note directly at firstname.lastname (as shown above, trying to avoid any spam here)

  9. Vivek says:

    Hi, I am running into an issue. we have installed & configured the ICN 2.0 but unable to hit the URL. I have completed the 2 post-config tasks also and app seems to up and running on WAS 8.0 but still web page is not coming up.
    And Sysoutlog complains on the SSL handshake error so just wonderring if LTPA key is causing this issue here. I have not run the LTPA key import profile as CE/AE is on same app server.
    Kinldy advice if any thing missing… Sorry to post my query here!!

  10. ianw says:

    Vivek, are you able to access the Admin desktop? What do you see when you enter the URL? What URL do you use?

  11. Kate Brown says:

    Hi – Love the great writeup and review.

    If anybody is interested in learning more about the alternative to Daeja ViewONE viewer, please contact me.
    Kate Brown, Director of Business Development with IGC

  12. John Hart says:

    Thanks for another great article Ian. Now I’m off to see how easy it is to port my old Business Space custom iWidgets into Content navigator 😉

  13. Rajesh says:

    Hi Wilson ,

    Thanks for the great article . Could you please tell me how you changed the text in login page from “IBM Content Navigator” to “Wilson Content Explorer” . Please do the needful

  14. ianw says:


    Login to the ICN Admin Desktop, and from there expand the “Desktop” node, then select a Desktop (your environment will at the very least have an Admin Desktop, but you can customise an application name for each Desktop).

    Next, click on the “Appearance” tab, and at the top of the form you will see “Application name”. You can modify the value for this, then click the “Save” button to customise your Content Navigator environment.

    Regards, Ian

  15. Sathish says:

    can any one please help me on the daeja viewer customization in the IBM ICN. I want to add a new icon/button to the already existing one…

  16. Aman says:

    Awesome work !!! Thanks for sharing…!

  17. Lambert Leonard says:

    I really appreciate to you for this great job. I am a very beginner to ICN so its a great post for better and basic visual understating of ICN.

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