Installing IBM Content Navigator

A few screenshots below on installing IBM Content Navigator. It’s always handy to know what parameters you’re going to be prompted for during any installation procedure, however, it has to be said that this one was surprisingly simple & easy.







Now, Run the newly-installed IBM Content Navigator Configuration and Deployment Tool from the Start menu.

Click FileNew Deployment, then enter a profile name.

Only WebSphere or WebLogic are supported in ICN 2.0:

Enter your Application server connection values:

I’m only interested in FileNet….

With ICN, you can now use a Wizard configuration procedure, or select Advanced for the usual Task-based procedure:

Add connectivity for the FileNet Content Engine:

Add connectivity for the FileNet Process Engine:

Configure the Application server Data Sources. The following step also customises your Database scripts for creating/populating the ICN Database:

For my setup, I’m installing ICN into the same WebSphere cell as the Content Engine, so no need to run tasks against the LDAP, or LTPA keys. So onto the next step:

The next step is where the EAR file gets built:

And finally for the deployment….

Don’t forget to update the database:

So, unless you messed up, you should be able to login to the Admin interface….

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