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IBM FileNet certifications: Update

Over the past 12 months, IBM have been consolidating FileNet certifications, and moving them into a single IBM ECM Certification programme. Although this transformation will soon render past certification achievements obsolete for a lot of us, and introduce extra expense … Continue reading

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First look at Content Navigator

IBM have been busy showing off Content Navigator to the masses, during the recent Content in Motion roadshows. Although I couldn’t make it myself, IBM have graciously published some of the presentation slide decks on the Interweb. I’ve been busy … Continue reading

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IBM Content Navigator (aka Nexus) released

Last week finally saw the release of the much anticipated Nexus, or to give it its formal name, IBM Content Navigator. Strangely enough, it bursts onto the scene as version 2. I guess version 1 just passed me by.  I’ve mentioned … Continue reading

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Extending IBM FileNet

For any corporate enterprise, off the shelf software is usually insufficient to address its full business needs. Often, the 80/20 rule applies, where the majority of application requirements are met, but not all. So any software selected has to be … Continue reading

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Upcoming FileNet releases

A little bit of speculation about what we can expect to see in FileNet P8 this year. Pretty soon we should see the release of IBM Nexus. This is a completely new User Interface, which will replace Workplace and Workplace … Continue reading

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FileNet P8 5.1 released

For anyone who missed it over the summer, IBM released a new version of P8 – this is version 5.1.  Actually, I should correct myself, since IBM are steadily dropping references to “P8” in favour of the IBM FileNet Content Manager … Continue reading

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Advanced Case Management: The new kid on the block

As an ECM solution implementer, the concept of Case Management has become more and more prominent over the past few years. Within the FileNet community, Business Process Framework has been the application of choice for case management since 2005, however … Continue reading

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Linux profile raised in FileNet P8

For any Linux aficionados who work in the FileNet world, P8 version 5 now raises the possibility of building complete Linux implementations of P8. The Content Engine and Application Engine have been built upon J2EE Application servers for a few … Continue reading

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FileNet Content Interoperability

With version 5.0 of IBM FileNet P8, IBM have now given their backing to a new standard, designed to allow interoperability between different Content repositories. Content Management Interoperability Services (or CMIS) is an interface specification that means a Business application … Continue reading

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FileNet P8 CPIT

One thing that shocks newcomers to FileNet is the effort involved in installing the software. Any seasoned computer user would normally expect that it entails nothing more onerous than running setup.exe, with a shiny new application available within a few … Continue reading

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