FileNet P8 5.1 released

For anyone who missed it over the summer, IBM released a new version of P8 – this is version 5.1.  Actually, I should correct myself, since IBM are steadily dropping references to “P8” in favour of the IBM FileNet Content Manager – not to be confused with IBM Content Manager(!).  Details of the new release can be found at the Infocenter.

The v5.0 release was notable for porting the Process Engine to a native Java platform, so there has been a lot of anticipation this year that the next release would go the whole hog and transform it into a J2EE application. There are obvious scalability benefits associated with the adoption of J2EE, and in fact when the CE made the same transition with v4.0 it was similarly lauded.

v5.1 seems to include improvements to the whole P8 product line apart from the PE. For a summary of what’s new, click here.

Some useful information here about download part numbers:

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